Wet Dust Extraction Systems

In Prodek we offer turnkey wet dust mitigation systems for industries like sugar, food, lime, coal, and also tunnel ventilation.

These Wet Dust Extraction Systems are fabricated, assembled, and tested in Bluefield, West Virginia.

Dust generated in process operations is often a problem requiring attention for safety, employee health and protection of plant equipment. Our systems offer a simple, compact and rugged alternative for operation where combustible dust, moisture or high temperature create problems for dry collection systems

Some advantages:

  • Compact high volume design.
  • Ideal for gas cleaning and ventilation.
  • Discharge of captured dust without re-handling.
  • Low Capital, installation and operating cost.
  • High collection efficiency up to 99.98%
  • Eliminates explosion risk associated with flammable/volatile dust.
  • Safer than dry dust collection systems.
  • Can handle high temperature or flammable gas.
  • Clean air exhaust allows for dual purpose applications.
  • Dust recollection from various points.
  • No reduction in performance under high dust loads.
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