Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

The EVAPPlus falling film plate evaporators guarantee a high efficiency in the concentration of sugar juice.

The EVAPPlus provides a higher temperature steam and with this, it is possible to undertake bleeding in all the evaporation effects, reducing the exhaust steam consumption and increasing the profits during the whole process.

We can switch an EVAPPlus from an existing Robert evaporator by using its housing and thus lowering the investment costs. This modernization provides all the advantages of a new unit but also allows a substantial increase in the heat transfer with the corresponding increase of the evaporation capacity without the need of altering the existing installation.

Technical Details

  • Transfer area: up to 600 m²


  • Low steam flow rate.
  • High heat transfer coefficients (double to those of a Robert evaporator).
  • High rates of evaporation.
  • Low color formation in the juice and final sugar (less time of residency).
  • Less sugar loss (sugar inversion).
  • CIP Cleaning (chemical).
  • Welded stainless steel plates, no gaskets.
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