Water Recirculating Thermostatic Bath

Used for various types of laboratory analysis and to optimize condensation in some equipment, Friedrichs and Soxhlet cooling condensers, rotary evaporators, reactors, bagasse digesters, and others.

  • Hysteresis allows the compressor to turn off or on as needed, providing energy savings.
  • Presence of 2 pumps that work independently.
  • 50-liter volume tank for ease of use.
  • 304 stainless steel tank for greater durability.
  • Wheel system to facilitate equipment movement.
  • Possibility of working with the gallery according to customer needs.
  • Spaced coils that fill the entire peripheral internal space of the tank, providing better heat exchange.
  • Rigorous quality control ensures perfect equipment operation, providing safety and customer satisfaction.
  • Possibility of adaptations according to customer needs.

Applications: Sugar and Ethanol, Food and Beverage, Water and Effluents, Microbiology and Biotechnology industries.

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