Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

The Amafilter® pressure leaf filter systems have been specifically designed to provide a large filtration area which is made possible due to the shape of their filter leaf elements. These vertical pressure leaf filter systems produce high filtrate clarity after the clarification run. Different types of filter aids can be used in our pressure leaf filters to improve filtrate quality.


  • Proven technology.
  • Fully automated, ensures safety.
  • Small footprint required, maximized space.
  • Easy access to the filter leaves for removal of the cake.
  • Limited maintenance, easy to clean and lower operational costs.
  • Closed filtration system for complete safety when in use.
  • Short regeneration time between filtration cycles, reducing operating costs as the filter can filtrate for longer periods without disruptions.
  • No rotating parts, keeping maintenance to minimum.
  • Reinforced pressure filter leaves provide extended lifetime.
  • Specifically designed self sealing cover gaskets for a perfect sealing solution and maximum safety.

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