Spray Testing Chamber

Designed for spray testing with uniform application and the ability to conduct tests with different nozzles, allowing adjustment of spray velocity and pressure, simulation of rain, among other benefits. It can be used for the application of pesticides, adjuvants, fertilizers, and liquid biofertilizers.

  • Prevents loss due to drift, enhancing efficiency and uniformity of spraying
  • Automated spraying with configurable spray velocity and pressure, eliminating typical variations inherent in manual spraying
  • Ability to conduct tests with various types of spray nozzles quickly and precisely
  • User autonomy to conduct tests at any time
  • Precise applications without overlapping samples
  • Automatic adjustment of tray height, enabling tests with plants of different sizes
  • Operator does not need to use personal protective equipment (PPE), simplifying the process and avoiding exposure to toxic substances or products
  • Internal lighting system allows visualization during the test
  • Extraction system ensures user safety, especially when tests are conducted with toxic products
  • Interior coating of stainless steel prevents corrosion, providing high resistance and longer equipment lifespan
  • Rain simulator, with adjustable water velocity and flow rate, for use after product application to evaluate product loss level, simulating real field conditions
  • Ability to conduct spray tests with small product volumes, making tests more economical
  • Data logger allows storage of all configured parameters for the test as a report, easily collected via USB memory or RS232 communication

Applications: Plants and Soil, Microbiology and Biotechnology, Chemical and Petrochemical.

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