Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

We offer a diverse variety of shell & tube tantalum heat exchangers. The shells can be made with stainless steel or steel shells, and the heads can be manufactured with glass, steel glass lined or tantalum bonded steel.

Its designs can be standard or under GMP standards, for vertical or horizontal installation, and for the pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

Technical Details

  • Installation: horizontal or vertical.
  • Construction: steel, tantalum, glass or tantalum coated heads.


  • Corrosion protection by only one material.
  • Best heat transmission coefficient.
  • No risk of permeation.
  • No risk in case of thermal shocks.
  • No risk in case of pressure surge
  • No risk of breakage.
  • Fully welded construction without any gaskets.
  • Tantalum’s ductility allows every possible geometry of the components.
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