Rotary Filters

Sugar/Alcohol Application

  • For applications in sugar processes that require further separation of solids/liquids.
  • More than 95% of suspended solid separation with a 0.15 mm mesh.
  • Highly efficient in filtering bagasse from mixed and clarified juice from the mill, or the diffuser in the sugar industry.
  • Inversion losses are low compared to static cush-cush or DSM alternatives.
  • This filter can manage cane juice in extreme conditions – up to 900 t/h.
  • Prevents dissolution of lignocellulose compounds, which occur when clarified juice is heated with an alkaline pH.
  • Decreased mud production.
  • Simple design and effortless cleaning. Guarantees cleaner and decontaminated juice.
  • Protects the filtered product and offers greater efficiency in each specific application.
  • Absence of hard-to-reach corners makes cleaning a more efficient process while using hot water/steam.
  • Increased separation of bagasse is additional biomass for energy production.
  • Less solids are sent to mud generating reduction of sugar losses.
  • Custom made.

Fly Ash application

  • Specially developed for filtering ash water from boiler gas scrubbers.
  • Suspended solid separation from liquid effluents in water treatment plants or distilleries.
  • Custom made.
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