Metal Edge Filter


  • Provide efficient mechanical cleaning of the filter surface and high retention quality.
  • Ideally suited for low- to high-viscosity liquids and pastes, and can also be used reliably at higher operating pressures and filter ratings above100 μm.
  • Tangential inlet for pre-separation of coarse particles
  • Digital LCD transmitter for process monitoring
  • All add-on parts can be adapted to customer requirements
  • Simple inline mounting possible
  • Uniform flow rate from the outside to the inside
  • Individually adaptable particle discharge


  • Low life-cycle costs as no filter material is consumed
  • Mechanical cleaning without process interruption
  • Versions also available for high-pressure applications (optional)
  • Long service life due to solid construction and high-quality materials


  • Wide range of products and process liquids
  • Preparation and homogenization of highly viscous liquids and pastes
  • Filtration of process water
  • Suitable for extremely high dirt loads and coarse impurities
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