Dry Scrubber

Used to neutralize and dilute acidic gases and vapors produced during oxidative digestions (except nitric-perchloric) or similar processes.

  • Ensures greater safety for the analyst and the environment by neutralizing the gases and vapors generated before their disposal / expulsion.
  • Easy handling and operation.
  • Versatile equipment suitable for use with a micro or macro digestion block.
  • Removable neutralizing bottle facilitates replenishment of the neutralizing agent and collection of condensate.
  • Quiet equipment compared to similar models.
  • Generates water savings when used with a thermostatic bath.
  • Compact equipment that takes up little space on the table.
  • Carbon steel equipment with electrostatic paint and anti-corrosive treatment that provides high resistance and easy asepsis.

Applications: Food and Beverage Industry, Water and Effluents, Plants and Soils, Microbiology and Biotechnology, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.

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