Continuous Centrifuge

General Specifications:

  • Application in the cane and beet sugar industries.
  • It has two areas for molasses separation, which are used either to decrease its purity and / or to wash sugar.
  • The monitor has an easy-open top cover that allows simple access to the entire centrifuge rotating assembly. It also has a small cover that allows easy screen segments replacement.
  • Allows greater efficiency in the centrifugal operation.
  • Vertical design composed of a cylindrical monitor.
  • Basket: Made of duplex stainless steel.
  • Crankcase: Composed of grease lubricated bearings, ensuring long service life. Special rubber bumpers between the monitor and base ensure minimal vibration.
  • Drive: three-phase belt drive motor.
  • Washing: with water and steam through spray nozzle system.
  • Optional: Vibration sensor, Bearing temperature sensor, Emergency brake.
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