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Scope and Technology

The best technology available…

We are trained to operate and implement the best technological and innovative solutions worldwide. We are constantly updating ourselves with the latest technological trends that offer better benefits and results for any Industry.

A design tailored to your needs:

  • We design, manufacture, and install the best cost-benefit solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.
  • We offer post-sale support in order to guarantee the operational efficiency of the system.

Solutions in Industrial Water Treatment

Water Treatment

  • Desalination
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Water for boilers

Industrial Water Reuse

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Industrial Process water treatment
  • Reverse osmosis concentrate recovery

Industrial Water Treatment Technology and Products

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO)
  • Ultrafiltration Systems (UF)
  • Multimedia Filter Systems
  • Softening and Ion Exchange Systems (IX)
  • Self-cleaning filters
  • Cartridges, Bags and Filter Bodies
  • UV lamps

Water Treatment Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

  1. Primary Treatment: reduction of suspended solids, followed by reduction of crude oil content in the produced water below 500 ml per liter.
  2. Secondary Treatment: reduction of the content of suspended solids and the content of crude oil in the water from approximately 500 mg per liter, to approximately 30 ml per liter of produced water.
  3. Tertiary Treatment: produced water is processed to be discarded into the environment in accordance with environmental regulations for the final disposal of effluents, and to be reused in industrial services or in reinjection.

Produced Water Treatment Technology and Products

Primary Treatment:

  • API-421 Separators
  • ETS Hydrocyclone
  • CPI Corrugated Plate Interceptor
  • Enerscope Desander

Secondary Treatment:

  • Enviro-Cell
  • Enviro-Cell CFU
  • Sumperator
  • Dow TequaticPlus Filter
  • ETS Smart Water Discharge

Tertiary Treatment:

  • Enviro-Shell
  • Ultrafiltration with Silicon Carbide membranes
  • Ultrafiltration with PVDF hollow fiber membranes
  • Reverse osmosis Systems
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